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Analyzing Graphs

Pave your way to success

Learn how to exploit the markets

with confidence and remain profitable throughout all market cycles.

Learn how to make informed decisions in your investing and trading journey. Avoid the noise, follow what the charts are showing you with confidence and a stoic mindset. 

TailoredTrading Vision

TailoredTrading was created by traders for the traders. In this powerful 3-part course you will gain access to most importantly the fundamental principles of technical analysis, how to approach the charts with a top to bottom approach, learn how to identify important levels, trends, use different indicators and how to tailor the charts to your type of trader you want to be.


This program takes the complete beginner trader to an advanced level, and does this by focusing on filtering out the noise, separating emotion and hype purely focusing on the technicals, chart setups and probabilities. Each course will be taught online through a webinar either on a group or personal basis, with the appropriate study material handed to the new member and all material will be granted for lifetime access.


We strive to instill the right mindset a trader needs to have in order to survive market turbulence and remain profitable at all periods in the cycle, teaching you how to benefit from downtrend markets and how to master the execution on every single trade.

Tailored Instructors:

Alex Kafouris

Alex Kafouris is a self-taught technical swing and day trader, with a decade of profitable trading experience. With a  passion for trading and education, aims to prevent traders becoming victims in the markets, by teaching the right tools and mindset of a trader. Holds a 70+% win ratio in trading commodities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. His ultimate goal is to help new traders and experienced traders overcome weaknesses holding them back on a psychological level, immensely increasing their profitability over the long run.

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“I have to admit before taking this 3-part course I was so naive to the different mechanisms of the market, instead of securing profits when market was trending up, I found myself holding while my entire portfolio was depreciating rapidly. My whole perspective shifted after taking the course "

Andreas Georgiou

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